Delivering household liquids to the locals

Delivering household liquids to the locals

Staying true to our low carbon mission

We have recently launched our new plastic free doorstep delivery service. We could offer nationwide postage. We could offer South Wales postage. We would get more orders but it doens’t sit right with us in the current climate

Our main focus has always been to serve our local community and as much as it is still great to receive orders from outside of our area. it isn’t the right thing to do right now. I don’t want to find myself in a queue in the post office daily either risking picking up COVID-19 or unintentionally giving it to others. Postage also can be pricey and the goal is not to cost people more money at this time. Our doorstep delivery service is free to those that live in our immediate area so we can deliver on foot and £1.50 for those in our postcode area.

This greatly reduces our carbon footprint by walking to deliver or taking short car journeys infrequently to local areas. It also means we are not creating additional carbon by sending parcels up and down the country via Royal Mail.

Going plastic free in lockdown

Going plastic free is of course not the number one priority right now. That small issue of savings lives is. And, yes, saving a bit of plastic may not feel like you are helping in any way but you are. You REALLY are. We still want to encourage people to use less waste and be mindful of where they shop. Supporting a local company is good for the area you live in and great for the local business. Many people are turning to their local businesses now more than ever and it is amazing to see this u-turn.
When you buy from us you are investing into local people who care about YOUR local area because quite simply we live here too and we want it to be amazing. Now is the best time to evaluate and make healthier sustainable choices. You can email us anytime if you have any questions about this lifestyle on [email protected]

What is a liquid refil?

Someone asked me this recently and it hadn’t crossed my mind that this wasn’t a common term. Of course in our little zero waste bubble sometimes we need you to ask so we can emerge back into the real world to help and assist.
Basically we offer all of your standard household products like Washing up liquid, hand soap, shampoo, all purpose cleaner. We purchase these liquids in bulk from sustainable UK based companies such as SESI and Minml. We buy them in 20L containers and refil your or our donated containers. We refil the container so that there is much less plastic waste and it means you only pay for the contents of the container not the packaging. You can then reuse that container for your next order and so it goes on…..
If you want to have a browse to find out more about our products, the ethics, the ingredients and the companies then have a look through our shop