How do I order?

Since the pandemic we have been based solely online. You can order online and pay at the checkout as you would do with any other website.

When can I order?

We are online so you can order anytime when it suits you. For doorstep delivery please order before 3pm on Thursday for delivery on Friday. For postal orders we aim to pack and post within two working days of receiving your order

Do I need to provide a bottle if ordering a liquid refill product?

Nope – we operate a little differently from a traditional zero waste shop. We provide the containers. You can choose from the volumes available online, they will vary from 500ml – 5 litres. Your products are then dispensed into clean donated containers and dropped off at your doorstep. Many of our regulars have their own display containers, like a handsoap bottle to dispense their order into as and when they need it.

When you order a second time, you will leave the empties out for us to collect and we will re wash them and clean them and re use for future orders.

We are creating our own micro closed loop system. For us to operate in this way and continue to reduce waste it is essential that our containers are returned.

Do you deliver?

Yes, our core business is a local doorstep delivery service. Our core client base is in CF72 where we live but over lockdown we have expanded to CF38 and CF15. These postcodes are not inclusive, we tend to operate in a 10 mile driving distance so if you don’t see your postcode listed but you are still local to Pontyclun just email us on [email protected] to check if we can deliver to you.

When do you deliver?

We deliver every Friday afternoon between 2.30pm and 5.30pm.

Do I need to be in for you to deliver?

Nope – if it is your first order we will contact you to arrange a place for us to leave your delivery. There is also a notes section where you can leave us a message when you place your order. We will always knock, if you are in you can take the order from us, if not we will leave in the place you have advised us to

What will happen to my order if it is raining?

In the case of bad weather it is advisable to have somewhere dry or covered for us to leave the goods if you have ordered items like soap, loo roll, paper tape or paper towell. Whilst we will try our best to protect your items from the elements please remember we operate entirely plastic free and package free in most cases. If provisions are not made to protect your order on the day we deliver we can not take responsibility for that.

Can I order if l live outside of the local postcodes areas?

Yes you can. There are some items that can not be posted. For example the liquid refills. We do have a wide selection of other low waste reusable products though that can be. Please use this section of the site for UK postal deliveries. https://nowasteliving.co.uk/product-tag/postal-delivery/

Where do your products come from?

We actively aim to use suppliers as local as possible to achieve a lower carbon footprint. Where this isn’t possible we aim to remain as UK based with our suppliers and manufacturers we choose to use as possible. Here is a brief list of location for our main suppliers.

  • SESI refills – based in Oxford UK. All products manufactured in the UK
  • Minimal refills – based in Yorkshire UK. All products manufactured in the UK
  • Boxroll loo paper – based in the East Midlands, manufactured in the UK, all of it, including the packing tape
  • Aromawakening – Made in Cardiff, 9 miles from us
  • Save Some Green – Based near Gloucester / Uno soaps made in the UK
  • Bee Better Wraps – Made in Cardiff, independent supplier

Why do you use donated containers?

The whole focus of our business is to help people create less waste so we don’t use new containers for that reason. We make use of the 100’s of containers doomed for recycling. Globally only about 11% of plastic gets recycled, most of it gets down cycled, which means it get made into something different, like a carpet.

We believe that the containers already in circulation should be used as a preference to new ones. This means that everytime you shop with us you are reducing your carbon footprint a little bit more. You are using UK based products, a local company and not only are you reducing your plastic waste in your own home you are using plastic that has already served its purpose.

What do I do with my empty container once I’ve used the product?
Please keep it and leave it out for us when we next deliver. For us to operate the way we do it is important that containers are kept and returned to us. We can only fill up what we have here and if bottles are not returned we are not able to offer so many size options.
The tester bottles especially need returning, we run out of these fairly quickly.

What type of containers are you looking for to reuse?

We aim collect the following:

  • 1.5 litres – clear bottles
  • 1.5 litre – laundry bottles
  • 5 litre – clear or opaque, usually from bulk buy vinegar or similar

For our food bank donation scheme:
Bottles that are 500ml or less:

  • Handsoap pumps
  • Body wash bottles
  • Shampoo bottles
  • Washing up liquid bottles

No Waste living?

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