Health, Nutrition, Programming, Sustainability

Follow your path and listen to the people who inspire you, your mentors. Search out the people who inspire your mentors.

After a while I began to realise seemingly disparate faction of interest were in fact intersection on a web. It can’t be put down to coincidence alone the Tim Ferriss has interviewed both Matt Mullemweg and Domenic D’agastino.

Health and Longevity, programming, mountain biking, mindfulness, food and nutrition, sustainable living, music. Probably not in any particular order, that is a fairly pithy list of my interest and value.

If I was to create an extensive list of my influencers, the people I listen to and admire I would certainly  be able to attribute more than 1 of my interests to them.

Which came first, the influencer or the egg

How these passion, loves, likes or simple interest have be come the zeitgeist of my current life is unclear and probably unimportant, but it is fairly fascinating to unravel the tapestry of how you have come to where you are.

To put it simply, “Follow the money” and by money I mean your values, interest and ideals.

Podcasts, Instagram, Twitter and to a lesser extent Facebook is where I read, listen, look, explore. I open myself up to new ideas, I question my dogmas, I challenge my beliefs so that I can continue down a path of growth and knowledge.


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