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Helping us to grow

We’ve set up a referral scheme for our newsletter readers. This is to help us grow and to reward you for helping us. Everything we do at No Waste Living is to build community and by offering a referral scheme when can do just that with you introducing us to your like minded family, friends and neighbours.

This is where we can really start to make a difference so we hope you will be with us for our journey of getting people on board for a low waste, decluttered and more intentionally life full of or the things you need not the stuff you have you don’t.

To refer someone to us fill out the form below.

For every person that you refer that orders with us, you will receive a £3 voucher. So ten referrals = £30.

To refer someone to us fill out the form below.

**Please note because if GDPR the person must know or be aware you are referring them and giving their details**


    Please fill out a minimum of ONE the the fields below:

    Reminder of our referral offer:

    • We are offering a £3 voucher for every customer you refer to us. Here are the rules of your challenge.
    • The people you refer for doorstep delivery will need to live in CF38, CF72 or CF15
    • For readers outside of our doorstep delivery area you can refer UK based customers for postal deliveries but remember refills are not available for these orders
    • To refer people to try BOXROLL, single rolls and single boxes are available for doorstep delivery. Bulk buy of 3 boxes are available UK wide.
    • You can have as many vouchers as you like, it is one per customer referred
    • You will get your voucher code sent to you via email once the person you have referred has purchased from us (please fill out the form above)
    • Each voucher will be valid for 3 months from the date we send it to you
    • Vouchers are not valid for subscriptions but are valid for anything else on the site
    • Each voucher can be be used only once
    • The value of your order must not be lower than the value of your voucher

    We are aiming for 30 new customers before December 31st. The person who refers the most customers will not only get their £3 voucher for each referral but they will also receive a £20 voucher for No Waste Living.

    The offer will end at the end of November but the vouchers can be redeemed anytime within a 3 months time frame from the date sent to you.

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