Boxroll Luxury 3 Ply Toilet Paper

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Want the recycled version instead? click here.

**UK Postal delivery is available for 3 boxes / bulk buy only**


Boxroll loo paper is a great alternative to buying your loo roll in the supermarket. It is not recycled but it is a 100% Pure Pulp sourced from Environmentally and Accredited Forests. It is also UK based and doesn’t come with shrink wrapped plastic. Even the boxes are sealed with paper tape.

The company is UK based and so are all of their suppliers that help make the product. The cardboard is from Wrexham, the Tissue also from north Wales, the paper tape from Prestwick and the main assemble is at the headquaters in the East Midlands.
No shipping from China to be found here. By buying your loo roll from us, you are also supporting our manufacturer of choice – BOXROLL, who in turn is supporting UK suppliers. It’s all al oveyl circle of UK based love. Who would have though loo roll could have bought so many people together for the same cause.

You can choose from Single rolls, 1 box of 18 rolls, of bulk buy 3 boxes of 18 rolls.

We are also offering a recycled version in the same variants:go recycled

Product Info:
UK based company
All of this prodcut is supplied by UK suppliers
Vegan Ink
3 ply sheets
220 sheets plus per roll (increased from 150 sheets)
100% Pure Pulp sourced from Environmentally and Accredited Forests.

Single Rolls and boxes are available for local doorstep deliveries
Bulk buy of 3 boxes are available for local doorstep deliveries and UK delivery

To sign up for a subscription of this product check out the options *here*

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Single Roll, 18 Roll Box, Bulk Buy 3 x 18 Roll Box


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