Cloth Menstrual Pad – Liner


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(We currently have 2 x Floral Lace. 1 x India, Mandala, 1 x Geometric and 1 x Floral Sky)

Cloth menstrual pads are a bit taboo, but let’s stop that now. If you are female, you need them, it’s not your fault you need them. So why waste your money on buying single-use products every single month for decades to come. These may seem pricey at first glance but think about it for a second. Work out how much you spend each month or even a year. These will last years if looked after. Years!
And they are much better for your body than all that plastic contained in off the shelf single-use items.

We have chosen some great patterns and designs and had these made locally. Spending your money on something that looks good, is made locally and is better for your body and the environment is a big win. And a massive saving long term.
These are so much nicer to wear than their plastic alternatives. No irritation, they feel better and your body will be able to breathe. Using plastic long term in that area of our bodies can not be a good thing.

It may take a bit of getting used to. Some people are still very squeamish about these things. It’s your body! It’s natural and washing them is no different to putting your undies in the wash. To keep them tip-top for longer we would recommend rinsing them out in cold water prior to chucking them in the washing basket 😉

So now the only question left is, which pattern do you want? Choose from the gallery and let us know in the comments at the checkout. (We currently have 2 x Floral Lace. 1 x India, Mandala, 1 x Geometric and 1 x Floral Sky)

Product Info:
Liner – for light days
Cotton Jersey topped
Fleece backed
Zorbii core
Poppers to attach
Machine Washable
15.5cm x 7cm (6 inch)

When your pads finally look worse for wear in a couple of years’ time you can snip off the poppers and compost if you have one by cutting up into smaller pieces. If you don’t have a compost they may have to go to the skip instead in the used material section. Either way, they are far better for the planet than all those plastic versions that are still sitting on the earth somewhere buried beneath the next new housing development.


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