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Help us reach are target to get our van wrapped, we are nearly there.
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Donate to No Waste Living Van – Phase One

No Waste Living is a locally run independant organisation in Talbot Green. Our aim is to encourage local people to go plastic free and live more with less.

No Waste Living was establisehd in December 2017 in our local pub with our friends Amy and Gray who were our first Twitter followers. Flash forward to market trading, doorstop deliveries, to buying a van to do up and donating moeny to the foodbank. We feel like we are making good prOgress but there is still so much we want to do and give to.

Whislt the list below still very much applies our main focus right now is the van. If we can get this done our visibility will increase ten fold. Especially as the traffic has been so bad we will just be sat there advertising ourselves to everyone bored around us.

Benefits of supporting No Waste Living

  • Run seminars and Facebook lives to educate and give advice and tips
  • Get involved with local school, WI’s, guides and Scout Groups
  • Donate regular packages and items to the foodbank
  • Get the van wrapped so we can promote No Waste Living whilst doing deliveries
  • Be able to hire people to deliver on bike where possible (there is only so much cycling Rich can do)
  • We will be able to create more products from donated fabric

One off Donations
If you would like to support us with a one of donation you can enter an amount into the pay as you feel option. This would help us do great things for the community.

Monthly Patreon Giving
If you would prefer to give regularly we have a Patreon account where you can support us each month from £2 per month. We haven’t made good headway with promting this yet but once we can get a bit of income coming in we will have more time to create more valuable content


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