Fabric Wash Bag – Moody Leaf Pattern


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This handy sized wash bag is made locally and from donated fabric. It is proabably one of the lowest carbon footprint based products you could buy.

All of our fabric based products meet this criteria. We love making things from material that already exists.

The wash bag will fit in all your essentials and has a draw string and is lined with soft pink felt.

Product Info:
Silky shrit material
Lined with pink felt
1 small bag with draw string
Made from donated fabric so very low carbon footprint
Made locally by the lovely Dawn or lives near us
Can be washed at 30 degrees

Small- Medium: 10.5″ x 9″ approx

Most of our bags are made from cotton so they can be composted. Once they’ve seen their best days you could always start using them for something else like storing pegs, or dusters or something else weirdly useful.


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