Food Bank Donation Of: Toiletries Gift Pack


Pack includes a variety of toiletries ready for someone who needs it.

**This product is a food bank donation and once purchased will be packed ready to drop of directly to our local food bank which is Taf Ely Foodbank.**


Food Bank Gift Pack: Toliteries

With Christmas on the horizon we thought we’d create a gift pack to be donated. This one includes a range of our toliteries and a nice bar of posh soap.

Pack includes:

  • One No Waste Living Tote bag
  • 500ml of showergel / bubble bath from Miniml
  • 400ml of fig handsoap from SESI
  • 200ml of shampoo from Miniml
  • 1 bar of Aromawakening or Uno bar soap
  • 2 x Medium Toothbrushes from Save Some Green
  • 1 loo roll from Boxroll

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0.25 Litres, 0.3 Litres, 0.4 Litres


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