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These handy fruit and veg produce bags will get used over and over and over. These are for your fresh veg and fruit instead of those flimsy good for nothing plastic ones you peel off the roller in the supermarkets. This is a really simple swap and one that will save hundreds of pointless bags making their way into our land and oceans.
You can stick your label on to the bag or the actual produce and take to the til as normal.
You will also find many more uses for your bags and soon get usedto saying no to all those others forced upon you.
I recently use some of my own when going away, 1 for a pair of shoes I’d packed and one for my underwear.Keeps everything neat in the suitcase. I also use them for books so they don’t get that dog eaten look from lounging around in your bag.
So even if you don’t buy fresh fruit and veg these will be useful for many others things and help you avoid using the plastic alternatives.

Product Info:
Set Contains 1 small and 1 large bag with draw string
Made from donated fabric so very low carbon footprint
Made locally by the lovely Dawn or lives near us
Can be washed at 30 degrees

Small: 9″ x 9.5″ approx
Large: 11″ x 11.5″ approx

Most of our bags are made from cotton so they can be composted. Once they’ve seen their best days you could always start using them for something else like storing pegs, or dusters or something else weirdly useful.


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