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The Non-sponge is in fact actually kinda a sponge just not in the traditional sense because it is not made of sponge. we have tried several washing-up sponges and alternatives and these were a clear winner. They are black so stains don’t show. They are washable and don’t fall apart. There will be natural shrinkage, the maker has allowed for this by making them slightly larger.

To clean, just pop in the washing machine and wash with a normal wash, drying naturally will help them last longer but if needed radiator heat will be okay on occasion. Machine washable up to 60 degrees. You can also boil wash these for approx 2 mins and drip dry.

Product Info:
Organic Cotton
Mixed colours, colours may vary
Limited packaging, paper product info fastened with string

They can be cut up and composted as they are made from organic cotton

2 reviews for Head in the Woods Non Sponge

  1. Vicky

    I absolutely love my non-sponges. We used to use bamboo cloths, which were okay but start to shred after a few washes and don’t stand up well to sharp things like knives and cheese graters.

    The non-spongers are indestructible so far though! They wash up and wipe surfaces brilliantly, dry fast on the line, and they look kinda cool. I’m never going back to sponges or cloths.

  2. Sarah

    We’ve had this pack of two non-sponges for about six months and are still using them. Admittedly we’ve done our best to destroy them and they’re due a patch up but still have plenty of life left in them. We’ve created the odd hole by using them for things probably best suited to a brush or should have been left to soak but because they’re cotton, you can sew up the holes if you want. Bonus!
    We used to buy those yellow and green scouring sponges, which would last a few weeks at best so I’m delighted to have found a more eco-friendly alternative to replace them.

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