Plastic Free Paper Tape – 50mm

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We were delighted to discover that one of our favourite suppliers also supplied this plastic freetape. This is more commonly used as packing tape due to it’s size.
So if like us, you send out deliveries and parcels to people, this is the tape or you.

    • Compostable
    • Zero Plastic
    • Vegan
    • Minimal Waste

Product Info:
Weight: 0.046 kg
Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 4cm
Length: 50 metres
Height: 50mm

100% compostable. Paper tape can be put in your compost. We wouldn’t recommend putting it in your paper recylcing as the pieces will be too small to be picked up by the machines. If you don’t have a compost but you do have a wood burner similar you could perhaps use for kindling instead.

1 review for Plastic Free Paper Tape – 50mm

  1. Stephen Blackburn (verified owner)

    I ordered 1 and 2 inch paper tape from No Waste Living. It was a quick delivery.
    I have used both tapes, the 2 inch being used to tape up a cardboard box with a heavy item inside. Initially I used 2inch sellotape but it wasn’t man enough for the job, the heavy item pulling the tape off the box. However using the paper tape it did an excellent job in securing the box. I can fully recommend this tape.

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