The first zerowaste shop in Wales

Having followed the very first zerowaste shop in the U.K. – Earth, food, love, I was already hooked on the idea and started working out how to go about this ourselves. We upped the ante with our our zerowaste is mission and started researching, decluttering, sorting and looking for alternatives.

Nearly a year later we registered a few domain names and set up a Twitter account ready to start our own zerowaste adventure. Setting up a Twitter account made it real, something we had to commit to because we’d let other people know what we were doing. So know going back now. We were well and truly outed as zerowaste wannabes.

And then, we discovered a zerowaste shop was coming to Wales. Slightly miffed it wasn’t us but we are nowhere near ready…yet. But, the joy, a zerowaste shop in Wales. A car trip away and not quite on our doorstep but we couldn’t wait to go and visit and see how it all works. Natural Weigh is in Crickhowell and about 50 mins drive from us.

We decided we would go for the opening day but of course the weather had other ideas and we had so much snow that it would have made the trip a bit risky. Roads were closed and many were just several feet below a blanket of the white stuff. So we didn’t make it. We did however meet up with our friends and fellow Talbot Green goers, Amy and Gray and spent the morning eating breakfast and drinking tea which was time well spent and a great chilled out time was had by all. So, thank you heavy snowfall.

We did visit Natural Weigh a few weeks later and what fun it was. Nice scenic snow free drive, some amazing breakfast in Latte-da tea room and our first zerowaste shop experience.

We stocked up on a few basics as the plan is to come back in a few weeks. Eventually – fingers crossed we will get better at stocking up and visits will be more spread out.

For now though it was great to see it all in action and reuse our own containers to buy products and food. It is very satisfying just knowing that we are creating less waste, using far less plastic and the more we slimline and multi use huge products we are buying, the more space we have in our home too.









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