Zerowaste birthday gifts

Zerowaste birthday gifts

Birthdays are full of stuff, cards, wrapping paper, tags, and the. An actual gift. This year the emphasis was to be on less. At he ripe old age of 38 I wasn’t really too bothered about gifts, after all we have more than enough stuff.

I was interested though in products that would be useful for my zerowaste journey and actually give me something to do for me, to enjoy. I ended up with some great gifts from family and friends.

I had the following:

A William Morris e-coffee resizable cup

Makeup remover pads that are reusable


Cash (to recycle as my uncle said, this went towards one new t-shirt, one dress from a charity shop and a facial)

Two reflexology sessions

Some shampoo and soap from lush containing no plastic at all

The only plastic was the sleeve of the reflexology vouchers. Ooh and I had a voucher to have my eyebrows threaded as well.

Some basically prior to my birthday I was sober, dirty, had greasy hair and furry eyebrows and was stressed out, or so my gifts would have you believe. Each gift was amazing because each person had thought about what they bought me instead of buying any old tat to fill the void of getting a present my first were all things enjoy and/or reuse.

If it is your birthday coming up and you are trying to cut down, have a think about what you would like that you would get enjoyment from. Your family and friends might suprise you. I think mine secretly enjoyed the challenge and I think it also contributed towards changing their own views on gift giving.

To give a gift that you know the recipient will get something out of and to give one that contributes to their own passions and lifestyle, really is a gift, no one really like the last minnute dash to the shop to tick the box of gift giving. If you are the giving why not simply try asking if there is something the friend or family member actually wants or needs? Or even better something they can experience and enjoy so much needed time out.




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