No Waste Living Delivery Options

Main Delivery Options

  1. Talbot Green Doorstep Deliveries – FREE (see postcodes listed below)
  2. Local Doorstep Deliveries – £1.50 for CF72, CF38 and CF15*
  3. UK national postal deliveries charge at royal mail prices for small or medium parcels^
  4. UK national deliveries for bulk buy (3 boxes) of our Boxroll loo roll

*If you are within a 10 min drive from CF72 8HZ then we maybe able to offer local doorstep deliveries, even if you are outside of the postcode listed. Please email us on [email protected] with your postcode and we will add you to the data base so the cart will process your order.

^Household refills are not available for postal deliveries they cost more to post than they do to buy.

Delivery days

For doorstep and local deliveries we deliver every Friday afternoon between 2.30pm and 5.30pm.

To receive deliveries on the Friday the deadline for orders is 3pm on Thursdays. Deliveries placed after 3pm on Thursdays will be delivered the following Friday.

For postal deliveries we aim to send out your order via royal mail within 2 working days of you placing it.

Talbot Green Deliveries

If you live in Talbot Green we will deliver free of charge on foot as part of our daily walk to the following postcodes.

8HZ / 8HY / 8JB / 8JE / 8JD / 8HH / 8LB / 8LA / 8JA / 8RA / 8FE / 8FH / 8HR / 8HS / 8HU / 8HW / 9FD

All other CF72 will have a small £1.50 delivery charge applied at checkout.

How does it work?


  1. You can find the refills in the household and/or subscription section.
  2. For standard refills these are offered mainly at 1.5 litres
  3. For subscriptions there is the option of 500ml , 1 litre, 1.5 litres
  4. Once you have chosen and paid for your order it will come to us via email and we will prepare your order for you
  5. We have the containers here to fill, you do not need to supply them
  6. We drop off your order directly to you on a Friday (for orders placed before 3pm on the Thursday)
  7. If this is your second order we will collect your empties to wash and reuse, leave them out for us on the day your order is being delivered

To use our service you can browse our shop and select the household products you are running low on. If you want to find out more you can click the product, here you will find benefits of the products and ingredients.

Because we are plastic free we only use donated bottles, we try to stick to uniform ‘looks’ but we do also make use of what we are given. These get washed and where possibly we take the labels off. This is much easier said than done, there have been a few casualties. We melted one bottle, it completely shrunk once immersed in hot water.

Check in and see of there is anything you need:

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