Make Up Wipes – Round Pack of 3


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These makeup wipes are a bathroom staple. I’ve used these same ones for nearly 4 years and they are still going. These ones are made from fleece, they are soft and look nice too.
For foundation and mascara removal rinse out after use to prolong the use of your wipes. They can be used with makeup remover, more natural oils such as coconut oil and olive oil or just water to cleanse your face.

The full size is ideal for removing all facial makeup.

To clean, just pop in the washing machine and wash with a normal wash, drying naturally will help them last longer but if needed radiator heat will be okay on occasion. Machine washable up to 60 degrees.

Product Info:
Organic Cotton
Mixed colours, colours may vary
Limited packaging, paper product info fastened with string

They can be cut up and composted as they are made from organic cotton


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