100% Cotton Reusable Dish Cloth


**We have 1 Grey and 1 burgundy left in stock**

1 in stock


**We have 1 Grey and 1 burgundy left in stock**

Our 100% Cotton dish cloths are made by a local lady called ‘Nanny Jan’. They are well made and will repalce those jay cloths that end up in landfill. (You can wash those and get more use out of them but they do eventually fall apart, took us years to get through ours but they do all end up in the bin becuase they are plastic)

These look great and you will feel smug washing your dishes with something that not only supports a local supplier but something that will be resued and not end up in landfill.

Remember to wring out and air dry by hanging off the tap or dish rack, they will soak up alot of water if just left on the drainer.

To clean, just pop in the washing machine and wash with a normal wash, drying naturally will help them last longer but if needed radiator heat will be okay on occasion. Machine washable.

Product Info:
Organic Cotton
Limited packaging
Approx size: 8″ x 8″ / 20cm x 20cm

They can be cut up and composted as they are made from cotton
Before they hit that stage they could be relugated to the cleaning cupboard for a bit more use


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