Bamboo Toothbrush – Medium


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These Bamboo toothbrushes are the ones we use. I personally use soft ones because they are the right for me. Most I have found are using the medium as these sell more than the soft. So for those who like or need a slightly firmer toothbrush, these are a good option. By purchasing a bamboo toothbrush you are keeping all those plastic ones out of the ocean and out not being part of the chemical process to dispose of them. Toothbrushes are not widely recycled so nearly every toothbrush ever made is either still here somewhere on the planet or was brunt and leach nasty chemicals into the air.

This is a simple low-cost swap that will keep your pearly whites clean and your grin smug because you have made a little difference.

Product Info:
Our brushes are made (as they always have been) from 100% Genuine Panda friendly Bamboo, no fertilisers or pesticides. Just pure and proper Moso bamboo. Naturally sustainable and one of the greatest eco-materials ever.

Unique design
Handle Total Length 17.5 x 1.3 cm
bristle length approx 1.2 cm
Head length 3 x 1.2 cm
All the bristles are BPA Free biodegradable nylon 4.

100% Biodegradable
Packaging is a paper sleeve


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