Simple Living Eco Laundry Sheets – Unscented


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These laundry sheets could be a game changer. Reviews and results seem to make these the product to watch. Whislt our liquid range is far more panet concious and eco friendly than most supermarket brands – these hit a whole new level.

Many liquid brands are made up with water to make the volume so the bottles take up alot of space, they are not concentrated. Cheap brands are especially water heavy leading you to beilve you are getting a good deal.
These sheets are light weight and compact, the box itself will fit through most standard post boxes.The space saving products automatically lowers your carbon footprint because so many more of these can be transported in one trip – saving on fuel and labour costs at manufacturing level.

Product Info:
You will need one sheet per wash for 5kg to 8kg loads. For heavy soiled washes you may need two but try one first as they are concentrated. If you have not used these before you simply add a sheet into your drum. Done. very quick and easy and no spills. For wool and silk simple living eco recommend that you tear the sheet and put in the dispenser drawer.

Only 3 ingredients
Suitable for vegans*
Plastic Free
No animal testing
Each sheet weighs 2-3g
Palm oil free
Suitable for postal orders – will fit through the letterbox
Takes up very little space

*did you know that many supermarket brands have animal prodcut in them?

Sodium Coco-Sulfate
Coconut DEA-Foaming agent
Fatty alcohol ethoxylate
No esstitail oils

Comes in a cardboard box that can be recycled or composted


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